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Bring YOUR School into the Future

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In App Technology

Live Social Feeds

Real Time Updates

Push Notifications

Live Stream Videos

Teacher Pages

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Custom Form Builder

Submits to Desired Recipient

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Direct Portal Thru App

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Google Calendar

Live In Real Time

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Event Ticket Purchasing

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The Education App is schools’ one-stop, budget-friendly, quality communications technology solution. Our team of professionals has decades of experience creating nimble, informative, and reliable apps. More and more schools and districts around the country are turning to mobile apps to address and meet their communications and technology needs. We work with you every step of the way, tailoring your app to your unique situation.

 FEATURES: CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOK— Customize how your app looks! Your app can have any colors or logos that your choose. Team logos, school colors, seasonal or yearly color changes: these visual aspects of your app can be changed instantly at anytime through the app management portal, by any user who has an administrator or applicable permission to make those kinds of changes  on the app management portal.

SELECTIVE PERMISSIONS: ADMINISTRATOR CONTROL. Your IT department can create user accounts for anyone you like: school administrators, staff, school government, students or anyone else at all. The user accounts have permissions that can be turned on or off by your app’s administrator through his or her Administrator User Account. Administrator User Accounts have special privileges that allow them to create and delete user accounts, or give user accounts more (or less) permissions than they already have.

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Why Choose Us


AppyCity is the technology behind The Education App. AppyCity has been developing effective mobile apps for cities, organizations, and businesses since 2010. AppyCity’s proprietary Jericho system allows for the rapid development of custom apps, with cutting-edge updates as mobile technology develops. The Education App includes ongoing, comprehensive support and service (“MAAS: Mobile as a Service”). You can change and update your app’s content in real-time, using an user-friendly online app management portal.
With MAAS, The Education App doesn’t just sell you an app and walk away: we partner with you to create, maintain, and operate a vibrant, responsive, easy-to-use Education App. You use the app, just the way you want to: we will take care of the rest! Rest easy: We provide the server space, the cloud storage, maintain the Mobile App Store listings, and all the other technical things that go into running a successful Education App.

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Check out the NHCS App

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Changing the way Schools do Business


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